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What is More Cool Tech?

More Cool Tech revolves around discovery of relevant technology and the undiscovered technology where I bring discovery to the forefront. I found that most blogs I read are for the geeks. Many people come to me for technical advice, consultation, and to catch up on tech news. Talking to me is like a constant running RSS feed. Here is where I capture all of those topics, organize them and make it useful for everyone. Technology is a big part of our lifestyle and it's important that we empower ourselves with the knowledge of what's valued in the devices we buy and how we can make better decisions.

More Cool Tech is discovery of:

  • Apps
  • How-Tos
  • Devices
  • Influences in technology
  • News
  • Innovation

Who are you?

I am Shante’ D. Stallings, technician, blogger, editor, webmaster, and dubbed as computer wiz since youth. I have used a computer since the age of 5 so that technically gives me at least 20 years of experience using the computer. My dad bought a Macintosh computer in 1995. It was then learned how to use a mouse and keyboard but it wasn’t until I used instant messenger 8 years later that I learned to type and type fast! I began repairing simple computer issues when I was 13 and when I arrived to high school my parents legitimately began to ask me for help with their computer issues. In high school I was co-president of the Technology Student Association (TSA) in 2006-2007 where I learned the fundamentals of being a great leader and to never give up on my dreams. 

I’m a nerd. I enjoy reading about technology in my spare time and testing out new things with the technology I already have. I feel that mobile technology will continue to grow and I will continue to grow with it. I feel that no one should be limited on the amount of productivity they can do because they’re not in their office at a desk. My drive has always been with productivity methods on the go. There’s something about it that makes me tick but the involvement of technology expands that possibility and that it why I continue to love it. You can do almost anything with a computer that had to be done in person with some other equipment with some extra large amount of money. It’s all here, on your computer…waiting on YOU to find it.

I encourage you to think beyond the boundaries of what media wants you to think.

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-Shante’ Stallings


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