Be Together. Not the Same. Part 2

About 4 months ago I posted an article as to why I am going to purchase the iPhone. After a lot of thinking I have decided...

Cord Over Wireless Charging

Tuesday night you could find me in a Verizon Wireless store playing with a wireless charger while deciding if I NEED one or not. My first thought was will I sit my phone down long enough to let it charge?

Be Together. Not the Same. Part 1

I have been a dedicated Android user since 2009. I have always enjoyed the capabilities it possessed such as the open environment. My Android screams hack me, manipulate me, do cool stuff with me' and I say yeah, Yeah, YEAH!

3 Things You Never Thought a Smart Watch Could Do!

In anticipation of the soon to be world wide smart watch hype, I decided to get a Pebble Watch just to get an idea what it was like to have my phone notify me of things on my wrist. Instead I learned much more than that!

5 Ways to Maximize Productivity Using 1 Key

Many times when I show users shortcut keys using their keyboard they are very excited to have learned it so I thought I would pass it on. On a daily basis I use a number of keys on the keyboard to navigate different functions quickly without touching the mouse...

October 2, 2018

The New New

Do you ever feel like you have the oldest technology? We all do. Many people are becoming more content with what their older technology but for some they always feel behind. That’s because many times manufacturers release a new version of their products every year. What makes it worse is when a company has MULTIPLE major products (AKA flagships)  that release at two different times it doesn’t help either (looking at you Samsung Note, S series, Samsung Gear Watch, Apple iPhone, iPad, Watch).

Don't worry we all still feel it every year, “my phone works but I’d like the new one, the new color, the new camera, etc.” I am right there with you.

So what do you do? Appreciate and remember what caught your attention of the technology you do have. Remember, it's their job to sell you new technology and they're doing a damn good job. 

Have no fear, Underdog is here! To save you from technical anxiety! New nickname - Underdog?