March 10, 2017

The New Age of Spam

The New Age of Spam

When we think about soliciting online we refer to the term "spam" (no no, not the processed goop in a can). Spam can be something we want or something we don't want. Most of the time it's something we don't want because it's the guy tapping you on the should that says, "do you want to buy this?" You say, "no" and then he says, "Ok, do you want to buy it now?"

In the technical world spam used to be littered in our email boxes. Though that still happens today many email filtering systems have developed to all together prevent spam from coming directly into your inbox. Later advertisements began to show on websites...and then obnoxious advertisements displayed on websites. Thus, pop up blockers and ad blockers were created. So when one way doesn't work you find another! That is what marketers have begun to do. They have found other technical mediums that we use to place those advertisements in front of us. Here are 3 most recent ways they have managed to do that.

Apple Calendar Invites MacRumors
Apple Working to Put a Stop to iCloud Calendar Spam
"...many iCloud users have been the target of spam that's delivered in the form of an unsolicited Calendar event invitation, and now Apple is working on a way to stop it."

"Because iCloud calendar invites are sent to an iCloud calendar automatically by default and there's no easy way to ignore them, there's no clear way to stop the spam."

"Image via OS X Daily Declining, accepting, or choosing "Maybe" on an incoming iCloud invite lets an iCloud email address is valid, so until Apple can put a stop to the spam, there are two fixes."

"Both iOS users that use the default Calendar app and those who use third-party calendar apps like Fantastical are affected by the spam issue, which appears to be fairly widespread.."

 via Aaron Blog

Google Drive - iMore
Does Google simply not give a $#!+ about Docs spam?

"Recently, Google users began receiving spam in the form of shared Docs folders."

"Google Docs spam continues, and apparently there's no way to stop it."

"Also raise a fuss about Google Docs being spammed as well, and don't stop until you get Google's statement and reassurance that they're working on it, and you start seeing solutions."

via iMore

Windows One Drive - PC Magazine
OneDrive Ads Appear in Windows File Explorer

"The bad news is that the reason it's so easy is because Microsoft appears to be inserting OneDrive advertisements directly into the Windows 10 File Explorer windows."

"The ads tout OneDrive's $6.99-per-month, 1TB storage subscription and appear just below the menu bar in Windows Explorer windows, ExtremeTech notes."

"One Reddit poster who has a current Office 365 subscription noted that the OneDrive ads still appeared."

"As ExtremeTech notes, the OneDrive ads are not the first time Microsoft has touted its additional services in various places throughout the Windows operating system."

via Hot Hardware



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