December 24, 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gifts You Can Get Right Now

Here we are again, CHRISTMAS EVE. Oh how all of the children love you and all of the adults go frantic. Today people are picking up a few more last minute gifts and some are doing ALL of their shopping (shame on you). Christmas can be a great holiday to spend time with friends and family but for some it is a sick game of give me gifts or be shunned and who wants that? What ever your reason I can say that this year I’ve done 90% of my Christmas shopping in one store, Best Buy. Here are last minute Christmas gifts you can get in stores RIGHT NOW. 

$30 @ Best Buy ($5 off!)
This nifty device turns almost any TV into a smart TV with the use of your phone and your home internet. It’s great for watching Netflix, playing music, or even sharing photos and video from your phone. Great for almost any occasion and with a price like that it’s hard to turn down.

$24.99 @ Best Buy 
If you know anyone who owns an older car with a smartphone and a love for music this is a cool one to gift. I own an Acura and for some reason in 2004 they decided to keep the cassette player in their TL model. Any who, I’m grateful for it as there is no auxiliary port and the cassette tape is the best option to use without modifying your stereo head unit. Their cassette adapter is even focused around phone calls too! It comes with a microphone cable that can hang outside of the cassette player for when you take a call or even to use with voice assistants like Siri or Google Now.

$79.99 @ Best Buy ($20 off!)
Fitbit, what more is there to say? They’ve made a name for themselves as the go to device for step tracking. The app for it can be downloaded on almost any smartphone to track your step activity and dietary food intake. What makes it even better is there is such a loyal following that the app to allow you to compete with friends who have Fitbit as well. There are other similar cheaper alternatives but there’s nothing like peer pressure to keep you moving aye?

$119.99 @ Best Buy ($10 off!)
Bose has always been well known for their sound quality and they’ve even kept up with the iPod era with their unique docks for their speakers. The Bose Sound link is a mobile budget speaker that’s light weight and easy to use on the go. The speaker utilizes bluetooth however it also comes with a 3.5 auxiliary port but who wants to keep their phone away from their hands? Options people, we’ve got options.

In 2015 there’s never too much tech so go out there and find the right tech for your loved ones…..and then after AND ONLY after you can get some for yourself. 

Enjoy the holidays with the ones you love!



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