July 4, 2015

Be Together. Not the Same. Part 2

About 4 months ago I posted an article as to why I am going to purchase the iPhone. After a lot of thinking I have decided that I am sticking it out with Android and here's why.

3 Reasons Why I Am Staying With Android

1. Customization Not everyone needs it or cares about it but I do. Whether I am changing something everyday or once a year I know I have the ability to change it. My lifestyle is based around always doing the same thing differently. It's not always necessary but it keeps my phone new and exciting so I don't grow bored of it (which can happen VERY quickly for me).

2. Hardware Options I have a tendency to stick with certain manufacturers but sometimes I venture out into something different. I enjoy the various options I have among different companies that can provide various qualities, designs, and price. Competition is healthy ;)  .

3. Community If I left Android this is something I would miss the most. I enjoy the Android community in general but there is no other community like my Google+ community. Topics about Android can range from apps, news, new devices, reviews, and app development. All of these people get together and discuss their liking and dislike for Android features.

The iPhone is a great device but I just don't think it's for me. This guy says it best....except he's defending iPhone.



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