March 27, 2015

Cord Over Wireless Charging

Tuesday night you could find me in a Verizon Wireless store playing with a wireless charger while deciding if I NEED one or not. My first thought was will I sit my phone down long enough to let it charge? 

I came back to the answer of no and also thought it would be pointless to put my phone on a wireless charger because I could just plug it up and get a much faster charge with my Turbo charger from Qualcomm. If you have a device thats capable of it you should definitely take advantage of it. I read the two articles below yesterday and thought they were great information and worthy of sharing.

Enjoy!  :)

Forget Wireless Charging, Your Next Phone Needs Quick or Turbo Charging

Qualcomm Shows You Just How Much Faster Quick Charge 2.0 is



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