December 10, 2014

3 Things You Never Thought a Smart Watch Could Do!

In anticipation of the soon to be world wide smart watch hype, I decided to get a Pebble Watch just to get an idea what it was like to have my phone notify me of things on my wrist. Instead I learned much more than that! No the Pebble watch is not anything like the new Android Wear watches or the anticipated Apple Watch coming out next year but these tips should easily apply to any other smart watch.

Here are 3 things I never thought a smart watch could do

1. Save You Battery Life on Your Phone

While using Pebble Watch I found that I saved a lot more battery life on my Galaxy S4 than a normal. After noticing this I concluded the reason was that I turned on my screen much less than I used to. Before I owned a Pebble watch I would have a habit of turning my screen on just to see if I had any new notifications. I guess you can say I have a case of notification anxiety! hehehe 

2. Keep You Focused

As I mentioned above, my case of notification anxiety had a residual effect on my ability to remember tasks and stay on track with even the simplest things. Many times turning on my phone lead to me viewing gossip blogs and social networks when my intention was simply to send an email or check my calendar. Our phones have become more of a distraction rather than tools to help us in our daily lives. 

3. Keep You Informed

The Pebble Watch has the ability to alert you of various notifications that come to your phone such as phone calls, emails, text messages, etc. The watch gives a quick glance at telling you what's going on around you briefly so you know to follow up on it now or later. For me it comes in handy when I'm at work and I receive an email from a user in distress that needs help urgently. I can quickly get an idea of if I need to attend to this issue right now or if it's priority can be rerouted depending on what's on my schedule.

Do you have a smart watch? What other tips do you think should be on this list?



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