November 15, 2014

Why is my computer so slow? Here’s the remedy.

Everyone has experienced the time they get a new computer and everything is quick and snappy. You’re both productive and entertained by this new toy of yours but over time it gets slower and slower. The computer freezes right before the killer gets the girl on your streaming movie and errors pop up while typing a document. Just like a car, your computer needs to be cleaned just like your care for your car. Though several methods can be used to resolve computer problems cleaning your computer cache usually can resolve these errors. 

What is cache? 

Cache (pronounced cash) 
According to Merriam-Webster cache is - “a part of a computer's memory where information is kept so that the computer can find it very quickly”
Technically this is a great idea but if for some reason that particular program or website produces an error, the computer could save that error. When you open that same application it could continue to produce the saved error. While this is inconvenient, the computer is programmed to do this but many times it’s helpful in making the computer more efficient in the background.

CCleaner is a staple for me at work as it is quick and easy and it also has several other useful utilities built into it but for now we will focus on cache cleaning.

Download CCleaner. 
Walk through the setup to get it installed.
Once installed you will see a screen like the screenshot below.
If you’re curious, click on analyze first to see how much it can clean up for you. Otherwise just click on clean. 
Restart and you’re done!

Have you used CCleaner before? Did it help the computer speed? Lets discuss it below!



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