October 8, 2014

Pebble Watch: First Week & Impressions

I ran into a slamming deal/auction on eBay for a Kickstarter Pebble Watch and once it came in it was and wasn't what I thought it was.

Here are my first impressions as well as some pros and cons for the 1st week of use.

Unfortunately when you buy a used item you risk not having everything that came with the item such as the box, manuals, and of course the new tech smell. Upon receiving the watch I cleaned it extensively (it was on someone else's skin...) and quickly placed it on the charger and downloaded the Pebble app store for goodies.

When I accessed the app store from my phone, I was a little confused on how it all worked. I believe there was a getting started guide initially but either I didn't read from excitement or it didn't explain very well. After learning how to access to app store I learned how slow the app store is. I literally would select an app or category and the app could take 3 seconds before it would display the next screen. 3 seconds is a long time when you're expecting it to respond immediately like any other app by the time the page loads you've tapped on it 2 more times thinking it didn't recognize your first tap. This is seriously annoying and it's caused me not to explore much yet.

Yay! My Pebble is charged and ready for fun! Notifications are coming to my watch but not as much as I expected so I just assumed it was night time so maybe the real test will come into play on the next day at work. The next day I strap on my Pebble watch on the way out of the door. When I quickly notice the vibrations on my wrist from emails rolling in for the day. That's AWESOME for me because my job requires me to respond to technical emergencies as they happen. I can get a quick glance of what's going on and it also gives me an idea of what my day is going to be like without even pulling out my phone.


  • Simple interface
  • Vibration notifications are cool
  • Variety of watch faces


  • App store is sluggish (I promise my phone isn't that slow)
  • Screen can easily pick up smudges and finger prints

It's pretty dope. I'll put out an update of my experience after a few weeks. Thus far it is a great investment.

Is there a watch you are looking to buy? Tell me in the comments box below.



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