June 13, 2014

Tip #2: 3 reasons NOT to save your password on your computer

Hello everyone! So I thought I should start a new series of quick computer tips everyone should consider. These tips will be helpful as you do daily tasks on the computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Let’s get started with our first tip!

TIP #1: Do not save your password on your computer.

I was helping my dad setup mobile banking on his phone and at some point he was required to log into his email in order to verify his identity. Because he was not on his home computer he could not remember what his password was. Then I thought about how many times I warn users not to save their password so that they will have it remembered. I have told this only on a case by case basis but everyone should know before it is too late. It is common that we want a more convenient way to log into our favorite services. Our computers give us that ability with “remember my password” option when logging into something like your email.

Here are 3 reasons not to save your password on your device:

1.       The more you type your password the more you remember it.

2.       It’s less likely someone will compromise your account. Every time you save a password it is stored on your computer. Hackers can take advantage of this by looking through those logs if they compromise your computer. It’s possible that when they get in you can be on the computer and never know there were another set of eyes on your computer screen. If it’s not stored in the logs they’ll have to do more digging and that’s more reason for them to leave you alone and move on to the next victim.

3.       Your information won’t be shared on the internet. Depending on the service agreement setup by your application it could save your password on a cloud and your information will be shared with the world wide web.

All in all, remember your password! The more you type it, the more you’ll remember it.


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