April 30, 2014

GO BIG OR go home

So I like many people own a phone with a 5 inch screen, the Galaxy S4. Though the phone isn't as big because of the slim bezel surrounding the screen, it's still a little difficult to maneuver with one hand or with one hand without having the cramp my style. I have been pondering the thought of getting a smaller phone for some months now.

My first Android phone was the Motorola Droid from Verizon. It had a 3.7 inch screen and a slide out keyboard. It could be held in one hand to do simple functions or even complex actions. I was intrigued by the vast amount of things it was capable of yet it was still not a computer. Screen size and screen quality didn't matter. It was only until blog sites began to zoom in on the pixels to show how the quality compared to another phone. It created a mental competition that I needed a bigger phone so I can do more stuff on a larger scale with a great quality.

Fast forward and now we have phones that have the same resolution and quality as our high tech TVs and we have this closer to our faces than the same amount of pixels on the TV across the room. Y2Kbabies will grow up with neck pain and eye strain because of these communication devices. To get back on the subject, I have been eyeing the Moto X for a month or two. This phone was announced almost a year ago and blog editors seem to still put it in their top 5 of their favorite devices so I have to ask why. Not too long after there comes complaints of the phones today are too big to hold in one hand. Mobility is becoming crippled because big just isn't big enough yet "The next big thing" has a 5.1 inch screen standard.

Many argue that most smaller phones have lower end specs. Do we take advantage of that hardware anyways? Could we do without the bigger screen? If there was a smaller phone with higher specs and a smaller screen would you choose that as your device? Would I?

The Moto X goes on sale on tomorrow at 12:01 AM from Motorola starting at $300 without a contract. The Moto X has lower end specs but from what I have researched it has awesome performance for what you you're getting. If I make the jump will I be happy with my purchase? Decisions decisions......



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