May 10, 2013

Keep everything in sync on your Apple device and your Android device

It's common that people who enjoy Android devices prefer an iPad to be their primary tablet. I am one of those people. Even before I owned an iPad I felt it was important that productivity apps never kept you out of the loop because you didn't have your phone. This article proves the same but it includes the need to be able to see these other files on other mobile devices just as you update them on your primary device. 

"Keep Android and iOS in Sync, Part1: Data, Email, Contacts and Calendar

Many of us have devices that run on different operating systems, for example a work iPhone and a personal Android device. Looking at my specific case, I use a Samsung Galaxy Note II as my everyday phone and recently bought an iPad mini, which led me to explore ways of keeping the two in perfect sync.
In an always-connected world, it’s relevant for the two devices to communicate with each other and share data. Most importantly, having your emails, contacts and calendars synchronize from one device to the other is essential. This process should be seamless and transparent to you, so that all your content can be updated on both devices with no hassle. That’s what I will explore in the first part of this series.
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