May 22, 2013

Stay on track with your goals with Any.Do

If there's one thing I enjoy about mobile, it's the ability to cross sync across to other platforms. There's no need to start something on your phone that you can't continue elsewhere. Here's 12 reasons to use Any.Do to accomplish those goals on the go or at your desk.

May 10, 2013

Keep everything in sync on your Apple device and your Android device

It's common that people who enjoy Android devices prefer an iPad to be their primary tablet. I am one of those people. Even before I owned an iPad I felt it was important that productivity apps never kept you out of the loop because you didn't have your phone. This article proves the same but it includes the need to be able to see these other files on other mobile devices just as you update them on your primary device. 

"Keep Android and iOS in Sync, Part1: Data, Email, Contacts and Calendar