November 5, 2012

Samsung: The Leader in Innovation (UPDATED)


This article is a bit old but maybe this helps put the pieces together as to why the CEO said what he said....
EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Take On Apple 2013 CES Reveal For New Samsung Brand
By David Richards | Sunday | 04/11/2012

EXCLUSIVE: Samsung Electronics is set to undergo a radical brand makeover with a complete new look set to be unveiled at the 2013 CES show in Las Vegas in January.
Via ChannelNews

Samsung CEO issues a battle cry on employees, big software push to follow »
Hot on the heels of 30 million Galaxy S III handsets sold, and 3 million Note IIs, Samsung Electronics' CEO is
issuing a battle cry to the troops that 2013 is expected to be very sluggish for the world...

Here's the quote from Samsung's CEO to the employees at Samsung.
"If you are satisfied with what you have achieved so far, then we will fall down suddenly. For a bright future, Samsung shouldn’t stop its vigorous efforts to find the next cash generators...

The economy is expected to see another slow year of recovery in 2013. The consumer electronics industry is at a major crossroads. This is a new trend that Samsung hasn’t experienced. No evolution means no future...

I want to transform Samsung as the right spot to house more proven and qualified human resources. Samsung should become the podium for employees to realize their dreams by exchanging fresh ideas and sharing them freely. I will lead the way."

Sounds like they're prepared to do more with less when he says "no evolution means no future." The way I see it, hardware specs will remain the same in mobile devices and the software will greatly improve the performance of the interface. Innovative. 



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