September 3, 2012

Why is the iPhone THE device to have?

First to put it simply, the iPhone is one phone. There are several generations of it but there is always one current version of it. The previous devices are still well known and are milestones in mobile technology today. 

Unlike Android, Windows, or BlackBerry, the iPhone is just one phone. So when someone says mentions the iPhone there's usually no guessing game. Apple is the company that created the iPhone. Apple, the same company that almost went bankrupt if it wasn't for their iPod. Apple realized what it was that consumers wanted. Have you ever noticed that many times before the smart phone generation that when someone wanted to do something on a computer for the first time normally they would touch the computer screen in an attempt that it would cause something would happen. A reaction is what we look for from an unknown device. Yes computers are stupid but we are the ones that control them. The problem we face, as consumers, is that we do not know how to give the computer these commands and we do not understand what it is capable of. The interface that the iPhone uses is called iOS. The iPhone allowed users to touch what they wanted and more likely received a response they wanted. Users knew how and what to touch because......almost all of the apps look the same! This can be a good thing for someone that has never used a device similar to this. For any problems the consumer has that is beyond what they can resolve themselves they turn to Apple Support. When they need something to add color or style they turn to the large array of accessories to add personality. iOS can be considered the most stable interface for a mobile device. Part of this reasoning is because users are limited to what they can do on their devices. For some people this is a good thing, this does 3 things to ensure the user experience is at the quality to ensure customer satisfaction for the user. 
  1. It enables Apple support to be able to assist users with their device problems in a quick and timely manner.
  2. The user cannot create software damage to their own device.
  3. It prevents the iOS interface from crashing completely therefore increasing the stability of the software.

Consumers have found a reason to put in extra hours at work, pull a few more dollars from their kids college fund, cut back on a few more bills, and other sacrifices just to own this phone and to pay the bill. Average consumers would have never spent their much money before on something that helps them check their emails and browse the internet. Heck We're still recovering from our recession in an era that is referred to the "new normal" Apple has come out on top of anyone else in business.

So where does this leave a company like BlackBerry that had the same popularity before the iPhone? BlackBerry did not have good support (that went down the drain with the Storm) for their devices on a consumer level, on the business side it required a lot of maintenance for it's BlackBerry Enterprise Server system. When consumers are left astray they try something new. What more can we do? We all want to know that someone cares about us. BlackBerry didn't.....or at least not as much as Apple did.

In closing I applaud Apple with their success in re-branding their company. Though I do not use nor own an iPhone I can only say 3 words that describe it. In the words of the late Steve Jobs, "it just works." 

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